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Stefan is a multi-award winning chartered Architect, Consultant, Construction Project Manager and published author. Despite having a career as a club DJ cut short by a chronic lack of talent, he now works as part of Bentley Systems Education Team, collaborating with universities, colleges, and schools to drive educational innovation through Digital Twins. 

That´s enough of talking about myself in the third person.

So thanks for dropping by and welcome to the site. I always intended to be an architect and went to Architecture school to become just that. After a period of time cutting my teeth in professional practice, I spent 6 years with the National Building Specification NBS gaining an understanding of information management and helping organisation implement best practice digital workflows. I started to interact with organisations large and small, seeing how they assembled and accessed their information. Soon I was working on the National BIM Library and ended up writing the NBS standard for objects and object creation. It was during this time that I become a founding member of the CIC BIM 2050 group and started to become fascinated in future-gazing and the impact digital transformation is having on construction. Following this I was Principal Digital Consultant across Europe, for AECOMs Digital Strategy and Innovation Team and  Senior Consultant at Cohesive.

 Despite being dyslexic (I was only formally diagnosed at aged 21!) I like to write and share my thoughts and ideas. I am co-author of a number of publications including ‘Building Information Modelling for Dummies’ (Wiley), part of the worlds bestselling reference series as well as the award winning ‘BIM for Construction Health and Safety (RIBA Publications).

I have been fortunate enough to have spoken at many industry events across Europe, and further afield including Atlanta, Las Vegas, Toronto, and Jordan and am privileged to have won awards from the Leeds Beckett University, CIOB, Constructing Excellence and Generation for Change for my contribution to the construction industry.

My current role is Senior Manager of Education & Partnerships for Bentley Systems. Outside of the day job I am the academic Director for the 'Masters in Global BIM Management' at the Zigurat Institute of Technology and volunteer my time as a school governor for a local community primary school.

I am a (semi) retired Ironman with a bad taste in 1980’s pop music. A native southerner, now living  in the North East of England, you can usually find me at weekends walking along the Northumberland coastline with my dogs.



Building Information Modelling for Dummies

Stefan Mordue, Paul Swaddle & David Philp

If you're looking to get involved in the world of BIM, but don't quite know where to start, Building Information Modeling For Dummies is your one-stop guide to collaborative building using one coherent system of computer models rather than as separate sets of drawings. Inside, you'll find an easy-to-follow introduction to BIM and hands-on guidance for understanding drivers for change, the benefits of BIM, requirements you need to get started, and where BIM is headed.

Also available in French.


BIM for Construction Health and Safety

Stefan Mordue & Roland Finch

What is BIM and how does it affect the health and safety professional? How are BIM technologies used on a practical level? What opportunities are there for the use of BIM in the health and safety arena?

This concise and practical guide aims to answer all these questions and more. The health and safety role is evolving towards collaboration, structured data and sharing of information as BIM – the incarnation of these sensibilities - increasingly underpins construction practice. As the industry begins to see how these two topics can and should intersect this guide provides context and practical advice by explaining the basic principles of BIM, how it will shape the health and safety professional’s role and what tools and processes will need to be embedded in the future. It also highlights the wealth of opportunities that BIM provides to improve health and safety standards and effective coordination – the means to exploit the potential of BIM.

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Periodic Table of BIM

because BIM is full of acronyms

I am the curator of the NBS Periodic Table of BIM.  your at-a-glance guide to the steps you need to take to ensure a successful BIM implementation. Taking its inspiration from the periodic table of elements, the table presents all the main elements of BIM in an easy-to-follow, visual reference – ideal for printing or sharing. 

What started out as a bit of fun resulted in NBS's most successful social media campaign to-date.

The table documents the stages necessary for closer collaboration (of process and people) by way of the technology, standards and enabling tools that will underpin your efforts. The original table, published by Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869, managed to organise 112 named elements (and acknowledge several unnamed ones) using strict rules and hierarchy. This version sticks to a few guiding principles but is a less rigid affair – broken down into nine groupings with a number of elements in each.

Links to NBS Website


“Stefan has been an advocate of BIM and digital construction for many years. He has been part of the BIM Show Live community for many years and has been an important contributor to the conversation. In recent years he has become even more involved and has been a judge for the BIM Awards which recognise the best in the industry.” 

—  Rob Charlton, CEO of Space Group

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